Software Development

UX/UI Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are two of the key components of designs that work closely together and are crucial to a product’s overall success.

Where UX Design is more concerned with analyzing user needs, expectations, and behavioral flow, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design.

How We Do It?


The very initial phase where we define goals and personas, create storyboards and customer journey maps, and prototype the key deliverables for UX/UI design.


In the design phase, we design images, create wire-frames, mock-ups and prototypes, and define color scheme, style guide, visual look, as well as other UX guidelines.


The development phase is when we implement our envisioned UX/UI functionality. This is also when we perform usability tests, review metrics, and take appropriate actions.

Mobile App

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is becoming more critical for many businesses with more than 3 billion people worldwide using smartphones, more than 1.5 billion using tablets as of 2019. Users, on average, spend 90 percent of their mobile time in apps and there are more than 700 million apps downloads from various app stores.

We provide Front-end development, Back-end servers, Security add-on layers, System software, Mobile app testing,

Desktop App Development

Energy and utility companies operate in a complex and demanding environment and marketplace; having to balance service provision within rigorous regulatory regime all the while competing with each other for customers or development contracts.

desktop application
Web Application

Web Application

Desiging any kind of Web Application is our speciality!

Post Launch Service

Unlike many freelancers and agencies, our services don’t cease after you pay the bill. In fact, we have post-launch plans in place that allow us to maintain an effective support and management relationship with our clients. Ensuring your satisfaction and maintaining the integrity of your product after it’s launched is part of our key responsibility.


We are here to serve you. Contact us anytime with your problems and we will try to solve it for you!


We ensure that there are no glitches or disruptions after a website/application goes live. This includes a complete health check for various elements like links and URLs, buttons, forms, content placements, and other UX/UI elements.


We provide a well-rounded marketing plan to help your website get ranked on Google (and other search engines), improve its visibility on social media platforms, and create brand awareness using paid and affiliate marketing programs.